Yesterday was my birthday.  I’m 43.  Boy, did that get here fast.

For a long time beginning in my twenties my age bothered me because my life didn’t look like the image I had in my head of where I wanted to be.  I thought I would meet my husband in college.  I wanted to be a mother by the time I was 25.  I wanted a big family.

Life didn’t work out like that for me.  I didn’t meet my husband until I was 31.  We got married when I was 33, and my first baby arrived when I was 35.  I feel so blessed that God sent me three babies even though I got a late start.   I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that my life hasn’t followed my plan because I believe that I am where I need to be right now.

When I met Dan and got to know him, I suddenly saw all my past experiences in a new light.  My life up to that point made sense to me.  I saw how it had been preparing me for Dan, preparing me to appreciate such a good man and create a family with him.

So, here I am now.  Some of my friends are sending their children off to college, but my oldest is in second grade, and my youngest is still in diapers.  C’est la vie.  I have a little extra wisdom from life experience to bring to my marriage and my parenting.  I had 12 years of experience in my career before I stepped aside to focus on raising my children.  I know I’m going to blink and find that my youngest is in kindergarten, and then I will figure out what’s next for me.  Until then I will ease into my mid-forties, enjoying my little ones and savoring the motherhood I yearned for as a young woman.

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  1. Some of us are late bloomers, I had Sara at 37 1/2 yrs old. There are times that I think because we waited our life experiences helped us to be better Moms.

    Another thoughtfully written piece! Thank you!

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